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Monin Syrups

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Brand: Monin Model: CF714
An essential for every bar, this Monin syrup features in almond flavour. As the industry standard, this item has no artificial ingredients and is suitable for a variety of customers including vegetarians and vegans, allowing you to be able to create drinks for a variety of customers with certain req..
Brand: Monin Model: CF716
Syrups are a key ingredient to making tasty and delicious cocktails and drinks. This caramel flavour Monin syrup is an industry standard which is trusted in a huge range of coffees, milkshakes and desserts. Dairy and gluten free, as well as being made from natural ingredients ensures you are able to..
Brand: Monin Model: GH298
Caramel syrup is an extremely popular addition to coffees, milkshakes and hot chocolates, meaning your cafe, coffee shop or pub really needs to stock this flavour. Monin caramel syrup is not only deliciously rich but has a very long shelf life to guard against spoilage and wastage. Made from natural..
Brand: Monin Model: GH295
Cinnamon is one of the most popular flavours to add to coffee. Therefore if you aren't selling it, you're missing out on stretching your profits! Made from only natural ingredients, this classic cinnamon flavouring is a great addition to any venue and suits a large range of customer requirements, su..
Brand: Monin Model: GH296
The warming and autumnal flavours of gingerbread are a welcome addition to any coffee or milkshake! Also a quick way of adding a cheeky twist to desserts and homemade ice creams, this syrup from Monin has been trusted by businesses for decades. Offsetting the rich ginger with a rewarding sweetness, ..
Brand: Monin Model: CF710
For any bartender and any cocktail specialist, you will know that gomme is an absolute essential. The Monin Arabic syrup is the industry standard and is lightened by a trace of orange blossom. Made from natural ingredients, this item is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. With the ability to mix in..
Brand: Monin Model: CF711
Want to serve up cocktails bursting with flavour? Then this grenadine syrup from Monin is perfect for you! The Monin grenadine syrup is made from natural ingredients that makes it ideal for vegetarians and vegans - ensuring guests of all dietary requirements can enjoy your delicious drinks!These nat..
Brand: Monin Model: CF715
Any true bartender knows the power of adding flavour to a cocktail and the transformation that it makes. In the taste of hazelnut, this Monin syrup is a great addition to any venue which serves hot and cold drinks. Adding a rich nutty essence to anything it is mixed into, this is a popular addition ..
Brand: Monin Model: GH299
As any bartender knows, adding flavour to cocktail is key to making it taste great. This Monin hazelnut flavour syrup is the industry standard for bars all over. Made from natural ingredients, this item is also sugar free and caters for a variety of customers requirements, such as those who are into..
Brand: Monin Model: CF713
Adding flavour to a cocktail is essential to making it taste great. The Monin passion fruit syrup is the secret of any bartender to their creations. This industry standard item is only made from natural ingredients and is suitable for a variety of customers including vegetarians and vegans, so you a..
Brand: Monin Model: CF718
The subtle sweetness of raspberries is unmistakeable and is widely craved in cocktails and desserts. A must for any bartender, this Monin raspberry syrup is an industry standard item which delivers an unrivalled raspberry kick thanks to natural ingredients and real fruit. Not only will this syrup mi..
Brand: Monin Model: CF717
Few syrup manufacturers are as trusted as Monin. This strawberry syrup is one of the first which the company developed almost 100 years ago. Largely unchanged since then, add a succulent sweetness to milkshakes, desserts and cocktails with Monin strawberry syrup. Made using real fruit and containing..
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