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Slush syrups

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Slush is no longer just for kids. Over the past few years slush cocktails and mocktails have exploded in popularity, transforming the way in which alcoholic frozen slush drinks are served in bars around the world.

We can supply a fabulous range of ready-made slush cocktail syrups. These include Pina Colada Slush, Strawberry Daiquiri Slush, Mojito Slush, Blue Lagoon Slush and Margarita Slush, making it easy to create amazing frozen cocktails, mocktails and granitas for your clientele simply by adding a slice of fruit, a sprig of mint and a dash of alcohol if required.
Brand: Simpsons Beverages Model: 20989b
Slush Cocktail Syrups (Daiquiri, Margarita, Mojito etc.) - 5 litres Our popular slush cocktail flavours include:Strawberry DaiquiriMargaritaMojitoPina ColadaEnergy Drink (original flavour)Blue LagoonColaTropicalOrange & MangoPineappleNeutral base Slush is no longer just for kids. Over the past..
Brand: Simpsons Beverages Model: 20989
Fantastic flavours Our popular classic slush flavours include:Blue RaspberryStrawberryLemon & LimeOrange & MangoYou could also choose from our more exotic, fun flavours such as:TropicalCherryCandyflossWatermelonBlue BubblegumSugar-free slush syrups are also available; a must for avoiding th..
Brand: Simpsons Beverages Model: 21918
Dilutes 1 part syrup with 6 parts water. With our slush syrup you can produce approsimately: 175 x 7oz cups 118 x 10oz cups 100 x 12oz cups 75 x 16oz cups The cost per 10 oz cup is approximately 10p...
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